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19 September 2016

My twins were born in summer 2015. I breastfed for 3 months, after which I struggled with whether I should make my babies follow the same diet as me. What if they ended up missing something that was in the cow’s milk?

But much like my pregnancy where I could not bring myself to go against my values during the most precious time of my life, I also could not build their tiny lives from birth based on suffering and drinking the milk of another species which I just find wrong.

photo 6 Sandra et les jumeaux

So I decided to give them Organic Soy milk for babies! Actually very easy to find at Loblaw’s (President’s Choice brand).  And I have to say, my babies are way healthier than my two older daughters ever were who never digested the cow’s milk well and consequently were always so skinny.

In their first year, every time I brought my twins to see their pediatrician, she laughed and said GEEZ what do you feed these babies?  They are in the 120th percentile!  I remind her every time – only soy milk J  and she laughs and so oh right you’re vegan!

They recently had their first birthday and now eat a complete vegan diet of fruits and veggies, tofu, grains, pasta and they absolutely love everything I feed them.

But most importantly, they are super and never sick. I literally never give their immune systems a second thought.  But of course it makes sense right? No antibiotics from cow’s milk killing their natural bacteria!

Here is a cute little video of them at my martial arts gym where I train with my kids.  Alexandre is sporting a nice taekwondo helmet and can’t wait to get his black belt!


By Sandra de Montigny

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