Compost Queens To The Rescue!

1 November 2016

Did you know Lola Rosa composts?

When eating vegetarian food at Lola Rosa, you not only do yourself a favor by ingesting super yummy food, but you also do good for the planet, as the meat industry by itself is responsible for 18%[1] of total global warming emissions! Hence, by eliminating animals from the menu, management was able to considerably decreasing the carbon footprint of the restaurant.



However, for Lola Rosa, this was not nearly enough and wanted to bring her social and environmental responsibility to a whole new level by implementing a composting program that would help them mitigate food waste from the landfill.

This is when the Compost Queens, aka the Groundit team, came to the rescue with their awesome composting services. They were thrilled to be partnering with a business that shares the same values as theirs and to be adding the Milton and Parc Lola Rosa to their green business community.


It took a few weeks for the staff to get used to using the Groundit bins in their kitchen. After only five months of partnership with Groundit, Lola Rosa has been able to redirect several tons of food waste from the landfill! Instead, their food scrap is transformed into a very efficient and safe soil conditioner that serves as an alternative to manure-based compost and chemical fertilizer.

Becoming a Green Yoda takes time and persistence, so Lola Rosa’s management is pursuing its journey to become zero-waste by considering new takeout containers options that would be more eco-friendly.

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By Audrey Bolduc, CEO of Groundit

[1] Steinfeld H, Gerber P, Wassenaar T, Castel V, Rosales M, de Haan C. 2006. Livestock’s Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options.


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