Good vegetarian comfort food

Our history

Two carnivorous and a vegetarian restaurant

It was by chance that in 2004, we (Eric and Pascal) bought a vegetarian restaurant. At that time, we were meat lovers! However, we understood that we had to reduce our meat consumption to continue to appreciate it fully. Two carnivorous and vegetarian restaurant, where will this lead us?

The Lola Rosa’s story is one of awareness and questioning the principles inculcated from our childhood. With a good dose of openness and learning comes acceptance to face the obvious: after 12 years, we have reduced our meat consumption by more than 90%.

The story of a journey

Over the years, our mission has been refined, we do not want to force you and we prefer to let you make your choice. We want to share our culinary expertise, give you tricks and above all, demonstrate that the meat is not as essential as you might think.

The Lola Rosa’s story began before us, and we hope it will continue long after.

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Woman of heart
Flamboyant, her good sense of humor and contagious laugh brighten our days. She loves to sing ... but it's not always a good idea!
Spicy as some of our dishes, she recommends our curry to spice up your veggie experience!

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Man of dreams
Who can proclaim to have realized his childhood dream? Emeric can!
Working at Lola Rosa Park since the beginning of the adventure, he recommends his first
poutine: Lola poutine, which will make you dream!

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The wise
Oldest chef of the tribe Lola Rosa, Phil and his golden taste buds make sure the dishes exceed expectations!
It is difficult for him to recommend one dish, because for Phil it’s all about the ingredients and especially the black beans!

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The food critic
He’s calling himself a critic, but basically we all know he is the chief taster of all our dishes ... or what is in our fridge ... or on the counter, etc.
He recommends the entire menu because, as a food taster, he knows everything has been checked.

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The creator
Eric is Lola Rosa; for him, any opportunity is good to bring together the chiefs to encourage the creation of new dishes based on local products!
He wants to recreate a friendly family atmosphere proper to the creation of good memories.
It is very logical that he recommended you the Tomato pie: his mother used to cook it for him!

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No compromise on taste

We are passionate restaurateurs. Everything is homemade. Our recipes are inspired dishes ‘comfort food’. These are easily accessible and popular for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Our pride is when carnivores who come to us for the first time are surprised that meatless dishes are so good to eat.

Preserve the Earth, one meal at a time

Did you know that reducing your meat consumption has a greater impact than leaving your car in the garage? We believe that this essential information to the welfare of the earth must be shared, and that’s why we strive every day to serve you recipes that will help you forget a meal at a time, your precious piece of meat.

At your own pace!

We have a mission but we are not missionaries! We know that a change in eating habits is not done in one day and we want to help you because if  you reduce your meat consumption by 10 or 50% you still contribute to help the environment.

Our journey continues and we are constantly working on new recipes and offer more and more vegan recipes

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