Brewery. Cocktails. Terrace. Brunch.

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Bistro. Café.

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Counter. Grocery. Traiteur.

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Open your own Lola Rosa

"Take the rose by the thorns"

Lola Rosa has been tuning its "savoir faire" for the past 13 years. As opposed to many other names that rushed in expanding, we wanted to perfect our recipes, our work systems and our branding to offer the best opportunity possible to serious and committed investors. We have not one but 3 types of concepts that will match whatever you feel the most comfortable with. Your success is ours and our success is yours.

Co owning a Lola Rosa restaurant is a tremendous opportunity and because of that we will pick highly qualified, highly committed candidates who possess experience in managing multiple business units and show significant financial resources.

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Investing time and money into your Lola Rosa (paragraph on its own too, where I want to have text and an excel table type for costs and shit and pictures)

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