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We Have A Space For All Your Events.

Your conference, party, meeting or any other celebration has now a destination for it.
At Lola Rosa Parc and Place des arts, we offer 3 different, warm, cozy and modular rooms/spaces
that will make your event successful for you and your guests.

Come celebrate, eat and drink.


La salle à Manger (Avenue du parc)

Located in the heat of Mile end and two steps away from Parc Jeanne Mance and The Mont Royal, this space made of wood, metal and local artists artwork is ideal for parties and reunions among friends and and family.

Capacity: 45 seats sitting and/or standing.

La Lounge (Place des arts)

A unique and unmatched view of the place des arts, a private bar, an independant sound system, the lounge can adapt to any of your events whether they are corporate or personal.

Capacity: 40 sitting, 100 standing.

La Mezzanine (Place des arts)

Hanging over our dining room, this intimate and comfortable space will let you enjoy the buzzing atmospĥere of the restaurant while preserving the private aspect of your event.

Capacity: 35-40 seats sitting and/or standing

You Have An Event? We'll Host It.